State of Missouri
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the 24th State, was admitted to the Union on August 10, 1821

The state tree is the flowering dogwood which blooms for about three weeks from mid-April to early May.

State Capitol: 
Jefferson City

Known as the Cave State, Missouri has over 5,000 known caves.

Missouri Spelunkers Club

Meramec Caverns
Fantastic Caverns
Bridal Cave

Missouri features more existing miles of Historic Route 66 than any other state.  Pulaski County features more existing miles than any other county in this state.

Rte 66 Association of MO
Route 66 Enthusiast Site

Some famous 
(or infamous) Missourians include:

Former President
Harry S.Truman
Mark Twain
Scott Joplin
John J. Pershing
Joseph Smith
Daniel Boone
Jesse James
Chuck Berry
Brad Pitt
Fred Bird :-)
John Goodman
Kathleen Turner
Miles Davis
Mark McGwire (seasonal)

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Missouri Cities and Attractions

Missouri State Parks

Official State Website
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Jefferson City

Kansas City

Lake of the Ozarks


St. Louis News
Official site for city of St. Louis
St. Louis Arch

Theme Parks

Six Flags & Hurricane Harbor
St. Louis, MO

Worlds of Fun (unofficial site)
Kansas City, MO

Baseball Player

Missouri Sports Links

Missouri Tigers

Pro Baseball:
St. Louis Cardinals
Kansas City Royals

Pro Football:
St. Louis Rams
Kansas City Chiefs

Pro Hockey:
St. Louis Blues
Kansas City Blades

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